Tools for dialogue with the private sector made more widely available

Moussa Sanogo, the Minister of Budget and State-owned Entities, was at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry this Wednesday, May 17, 2023, where he met with business leaders, mainly SMEs, as part of the campaign to promote the Information Unit for Economic Operators (commonly known as CELIOPE) and enroll in the "e-Fournisseur" portal initiated by him. In order to reach as many people as possible, steps were taken not only to promote these two tools for dialogue with the private sector, but also and above all to enroll an excessive number of economic operators in e-Fournisseur, with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CGECI.

The Minister encouraged economic operators, particularly those who contract with the State, to make the most of the tools available to them, so as to have access to the right information on public ordering as far as CELIOPE is concerned; and to follow in real time the progress of their invoices, in the case of e-Fournisseur, this new high-performance tool, which is not widely used by economic operators.

Roger Diaba, Deputy Director General of Budget and Finance, deplored the fact that out of 4,200 purchase order holders, only 177 economic operators providing services to the State regularly registered on the platform, which they consulted on a daily basis, certainly because they were satisfied with it. The aim, explains the Minister, is to ensure that economic operators are more familiar with CELIOPE and e-Fournisseur, these two tools which ensure transparency in the management of public expenditure are intended to improve the quality of relations between the financial administration and the private sector. "e-Fournisseur is your tool, and we designed it for you. Indeed, when an economic operator is successful, he contributes positively to economic growth. An economic operator who knows how to carry out his activities promptly means faster economic growth. In the interests of all of us, we must ensure that your activities occur in the best possible conditions. That you can create more value, so that ultimately, we have a more competitive economy", declared Moussa Sanogo, before whom the business leaders attending showed a keen interest in the tools presented to them.

Like him, Faman Touré, President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, urged economic operators to adopt e-Fournisseur, an information platform that enables them to better control the public expenditure circuit. "The e-Fournisseur portal is a tool for breaking down the walls of misunderstanding between economic operators providing government services and the administration. This platform, which is a tool for information, transparency, and good governance, will be a definite asset for the development of SMEs, which make up over 90% of the economic structure, and a large proportion of which are clients of the State of Côte d'Ivoire through public procurement", emphasized Touré Faman. The institution he manages is ready to participate in the promotion of this tool to reassure the State’s current service providers and suppliers.

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Tools for dialogue with the private sector made more widely available ...

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Moussa Sanogo urges the private sector to adopt "eFournisseur" and ...



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