State entity management

    • In order to boost the management of the State Portfolio, various reforms have been undertaken within State Entity Portfolio Department (DGPE) to respond to the State shareholder’s expectations.

      These include:

          For public companies performance

      •         Establishing performance indicators for differentiated monitoring of companies according (taking into account) to their sectors and nature;
      •         Setting-up contracts between the State and public enterprises to monitor/oversee performance. This contractualization process, which is currently being generalized, has led to the signing of thirty-four (34) performance contracts between the State and the companies in the State's portfolio. These contracts enable the State to integrate sector based policies in corporate strategies while promoting financial equilibrium;
      •         Elaborating a specific framework aimed at anticipating and managing the risks associated with public enterprises and, ultimately, assessing their impact on the State budget. This framework includes tools for identifying and prioritizing risks, but also for anticipating them through the monitoring of infra-annual indicators;
      •         Supervising the indebtedness of public companies with the signature, by the Minister of the Budget and State Entity Portfolio, of Order n°0037/MBPE/DGPE of February 25, 2022 setting the borrowing thresholds and the conditions for guarantees and security for state-owned companies and companies with majority public financial participation. In addition to this system, the DGPE has developed a system for estimating the risks associated with the indebtedness of public enterprises, by determining the probability of default and the loss incurred by the state budget in the event of default;


            For an enhanced monitoring

      •         Determining principles for the modulation and planning of audit missions. Thus, since 2019, companies are to be audited during a year on the basis of criteria such as successive deficits, companies presenting budgetary risks or the absence of audit for a period of three (3) years;
      •         Communicating (Sharing, disseminating) on the main conclusions and recommendations of the audit missions carried out to the Council of Ministers;


            For an improved administration and operation of public companies’ and management of entities

      •         Reforming the legal framework of the State Portfolio with the adoption of new texts to replace 1997 obsolete regulations. This has enabled us to adapt our regulatory framework to community requirements and to remedy    the shortcomings noted in the management of public enterprises;
      •         Introducing a Certification of Directors of Public Companies (CAS.P) Program which has enabled the training of 280 directors representing the State on boards of directors on modules of governance, strategy and internal control;
      •       Initiating the Excellence in Governance and Performance Award for Public Companies in 2019. This award aims to promote excellence in the management of public companies by rewarding the best performing companies each year;
      •     Improving public companies management through Decree No. 2021-28 of January 20, 2021. The above decree sets out rules for the administration, management, control, dissolution and liquidation of State-owned companies;
      •        Improving the governance of portfolio companies by issuing Circular n°002/MBPE of 30 April 2021 on the appointment and exercise of mandates of corporate officers in State-owned companies and companies with public financial participation;
      •      Implementing a certification program for General Managers and Deputy General Managers of public companies through a program called the "Public Executive Certificate (PEC)" which has enabled the training of some sixty General Managers and Deputy General Managers of public companies;

            In addition to the above measures, a new strategy for the management of the 2021-2025 State Entity Portfolio has been developed with a new vision of "The DGPE, a Development Accelerator/Booster". This strategy, which aims to strengthen the portfolio's impact on the country's development, includes three (3) dimensions, including: Strengthening institutional positioning, implementing portfolio strategies by sector aligned with development needs, upgrading internal capacities, management methods and governance of public companies.

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