Management of State Owned Entities

Various reforms have been initiated through the Directorate-General in charge of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to reinvigorate the management of SOEs, and meet the expectations of the State as a shareholder.

These include:

  • driving the performance of SOEs :
    • the implementation of performance indicators to facilitate a differentiated monitoring of companies according to their sector and nature;
    • the signing of performance contracts between the Government and SOEs, taking into account the Government's sectoral policies while encouraging the financial soundness of SOEs ;
    • the establishment of a specific framework aimed at anticipating and managing the risks associated with SOEs, including tools and short-term indicators to identify, anticipate and prioritize risks ;
    • the supervision of the indebtedness of SOEs, with the application of specific regulatory texts. In addition to this mechanism, DGPE has developed a system to measure and estimate the risks associated with SOEs contracting debt.
  • improving SOEs’ board and management effectiveness
    • the reform of SOEs’ regulatory framework, with the adoption of new acts to adapt to supra-national requirements (WAEMU) and make up for the shortcomings previously noted ;
    • the introduction of a Certification Program for SOEs’ Board Members (CAS.P), which has enabled the training of 280 Directors representing the Government on governance, strategy and internal control ;
    • the implementation of a Certification Program for Senior Managers of SOEs (Public Executive Certificate (PEC)), which has enabled the training of about sixty CEOs and deputy CEOs ;
    • the introduction of the SOEs Excellence Award in Governance and Performance. This award aims at promoting excellence in the management of SOEs by rewarding the best performing companies each year.
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