Director General : Seydou BAMBA

The Directorate General of State-Owned Enterprises is responsible for:

  • developing and implementing a strategy for the management of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in line with the Government's strategic, economic and social objectives ;
  • ensuring the exercise of financial supervision and coordinating the exercise of supervision over SOEs ;
  • analyzing the economic and financial situation of SOEs ;
  • developing and maintaining a coherent system for measuring the performance of the SOEs ;
  • monitoring SOEs’ debts;
  • ensuring the control of the economic and financial management of SOEs ;
  • conducting, on behalf of the Minister in charge of SOEs, external controls and audits ;
  • ensuring the preparation and implementation of SOEs’ disengagement and restructuring plans ;
  • ensuring the monitoring of management of the liquidation of SOEs ; 
  • ensuring the Government representation in the constituent assemblies, the general assemblies and the boards of directors of the SOEs.

The Directorate General of SOEs is headed by a Director General who is assisted by a Deputy Director General.


Abidjan Plateau, administrative city, tower E

Phone Number
+225 27 20 22 32 34

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