Public procurement

Under the major reforms and actions for 2022, the Public Procurement Department intends to continue and strengthen the achievements started during the 2021 administration. Among these actions and reforms, six (6) key actions/measures have been identified:


1.      Developing SIGOMAP 2 (e-markets)


The first phase of the application already allows for the development, transmission and validation of procurement plans, consultation files and documents resulting from the work of the bid evaluation committees online.


The development of SIGOMAP 2 will take into account the market’s regulation and electronic submission.


This will lead to the celerity of the operations with as a consequence to the reduction of procurement lead time. The dematerialization process will also allow the implementation of electronic archiving.



2.      Updating the Reference Price Database (RPDB)


The implementation of the RPPD is already effective. Actions continue to be undertaken to increase the number of users.


The purpose of updating the Reference Price Data Bank is to provide a tool to help assess more objectively the costs of goods and services offered in the context of public procurement.



3.     Connecting fifty (50) local authorities to the Integrated Public Procurement Management System (SIGMAP)



The connection of fifty (50) local authorities to the SIGMAP in 2022 aims to achieve total coverage of all decentralized structures in 2024, in order to strengthen their autonomy in the management of public procurement operations and the monitoring of contract execution.



4.      Conducting a 24-month follow-up audit (SGS) for ISO 9001 certification, Version 2015


The follow-up audit at 24 months will allow assessing the capacity of the DGMP to maintain its ISO 9001 version 2015 certification obtained on September 20, 2020.



5.      Market stakeholders’ engagement training in Abidjan and in the regions which have implemented the Public Procurement Code’s seven (7) decrees


The Public Procurement Code, adopted by Ordinance No. 2019-679 of July 24, 2019, has been strengthened by the adoption of seven (7) implementing decrees by the Council of Ministers on December 15 and 22, 2021.


These various decrees help to remedy the shortcomings of the public procurement regulations and to bring the national public procurement system into line with EU standards.


Disseminating decrees and training stakeholders will help streamline the public procurement process.



6.      Producing and broadcasting TV program (series) Understanding Public Procurement, Season 2


Producing this TV program will allow stakeholders to better understand the public procurement principles and the role of each stakeholder in the public procurement systems.

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