Public procurement

The main reforms in the field of public procurement management are related to the deepening of dematerialization of procedures.

The first phase of the reform already allows for the preparation, transmission and validation of procurement plans, consultation files and documents resulting from the work of the tender evaluation committees online via a plateform called SIGOMAP.

The next steps, with version 2 of SIGOMAP will take into account :

  • the coverage of all exchanges between the actors of Public Services ;
  • the electronic submissions of bids for economic operators.

This will lead to the speeding up of operations and consequently to a reduction in the time taken to award public contracts. The dematerialisation of procedures will also allow the implementation of electronic archiving.

The Directorate General of Public Procurement has set up a Reference Price Database that is a tool for a more objective assessment of the costs of goods and services offered in the context of public procurement.

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