Director General : Sansan François YOUL

The Directorate General of Public Procurement is responsible for ensuring :

  • advice and technical assistance to contracting authorities and project owners, in particular for the planning of public procurement and support for the budgeting of orders ;
  • the examination and authentication of tender documents ;
  • the examination of contract approval documents  ;
  • the centralization and the publication of competitive bidding notices in the Official List of Public Contracts of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire ;
  • the control of the application of the regulation on the public procurement  ;
  • the validation of proposals for the award of contracts as well as the authorization of derogatory procedures  ;
  • the monitoring and evaluation of the execution of public contracts  ; 
  • the reform of regulations and procedures relating to public procurement.

The Directorate General of Public Procurement is headed by a Director General who is assisted by one (1) Deputy Director General


Abidjan, Riviera - Bonoumin, DGMP building

Phone Number
(+225) 27 22 55 88 88

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