Managing Director : Sansan François YOUL

The State Procurement Department is responsible for:

  • Advising and providing technical and legal assistance to contracting authorities and project owners, particularly for planning public procurement and supporting the budgeting of orders,    the examination and authentication of tender documents;
  • Examining contract approval files, in the cases provided for by the regulations;
  • Gathering and publishing notices of competitive public tenders in the State Official Bulletin of Public Markets;
  • Conducting pre and post controls of the procedures regularity in awarding of the public markets and in a general way, and controlling the regulation of public markets procedures;
  • Validating proposals for the award of contracts as well as giving approval for derogatory procedures;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the execution of public contracts;
  • Gathering and disseminating regulations and any other information on public procurement;
  • Amending regulations and procedures relating to public procurement;
  • Training and increasing public procurement stakeholders’ awareness;
  • Supervising and controlling the management of public procurement units;
  • Developing and managing public procurement databases;
  • Producing statistics and elaborating studies relating to public procurement.


The State Procurement Department is headed by a Managing Director appointed by decree of the Council of Ministers.

The State Procurement Department is assisted by one (1) Deputy Director appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers.

The State Procurement Department comprises four (4) Departments:

  • The Regulations and Special Schemes Department
  • The Procedures and Operations Department
  • The Information Systems, Training and Communications Department
  •  The Statistics and Studies Department



The following offices are linked to the Managing Director Office:

    Regional Offices headed by Regional Directors appointed by decree.

    The Human Resources and General Resources Department. Department Head is appointed by decree.



Abidjan, Riviera - Bonoumin, DGMP building

Phone Number
(+225) 27 22 55 88 88

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