Managing Director : Seydou TRAORÉ

The State Department of Budget and Finance is responsible for:

  • Programming resources and expenditures on a multi-year basis;
  • Macro-financial framing of initial and amending finance bills;
  •  Preparing the year's budget bills;
  • Monitoring the execution of the budget;
  •  The rendering of accounts within the framework of the settlement law;
  •  The financial and budgetary control of the operations of the State and the National Public Establishments;
  •  A posteriori control of the management of decentralized local authorities;
  •  Analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of expenditures and their impact on the target populations
  •  Monitoring and evaluating public expenditure in order to assess progress made in relation to objectives and results.

The State Department of Budget and Finance is headed by a Managing Director appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers.

The Managing Director of Budget and Finance is assisted by two Deputy Directors and a General Inspector Auditor (IAG), appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers.

In addition to the Public Expenditure Evaluation and Audit Unit coordinated by the IAG,

The State Department of Budget and Finance comprises eleven (11) central departments, namely:

    The Department of Budgetary Policies and Synthesis (DPSB);

    The Department of the State Budget (DBE);

    The SIGFIP Administration Division (DAS);

    The Department of Budgetary Control (DCB);

    The Department of Operations of Decentralized Communities (DOCD);

    The Department of Budgetary Reform and Modernization of Public Management

    The Balance Payment Department

    The Human Resources and General Resources Department

    The State Property Department

    The Training, Documentation and Communication Department

    The Computer Processing Department


Several services are linked to the State Department:

    The Economic Operators' Information Unit

    Regional departments


Abidjan, Plateau (Avenue Clozel), Financial City, Finance Building, Tower F

Phone Number
+225 27 20 30 52 52

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