Director General : Pierre Alphonse DA

The Directorate General of Customs (DGD) is responsible for implementing and enforcing the legislative and regulatory provisions governing the movement of people, goods, means of transport and capital into and out of the country. To this end, it carries out tax collection and economic missions and provides support to other tax administrations.

At the tax collection’s level, it is responsible for the assessment and liquidation of duties, taxes and fees collected on entry and exit of the Ivorian territory for the benefit of the national budget or on behalf of other administrations or sub-regional organisations (WAEMU, ECOWAS, AU).

At the economic level, it works to protect and promote local industries, in particular by:

  • the implementation of the community trade policy with the related protection instruments ;
  • the establishment of procedures and customs regimes that promote the development of businesses;
  • the provision of statistical data on foreign trade to the authorities and users;
  • contributing to the facilitation of trade through the simplification and predictability of procedures ;

Due to its strategic position at the borders, the DGD has a support role to other administrations. Thus, it contributes to the protection of security and public health, the surveillance of capital movements as well as the protection of the environment and cultural heritage.

The Directorate General of Customs is headed by a Director General who is assisted by two (2) deputy directors General


Abidjan-Plateau, place of the republic

Phone Number
+225 27 20 25 15 00

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