Managing Director : Pierre Alphonse DA

The State Department of Customs is responsible for implementing and enforcing the legislative and regulatory provisions governing the movement of people, goods, means of transport and capital into and out of the country.

In this respect, it carries out various missions that can be structured as follows:

    A fiscal mission which consists in collecting duties and taxes due on imported and exported goods. Within this framework, customs action is carried out on the basis, the liquidation of duties, taxes and fees collected on entry and exit of the Ivorian territory, for the benefit of the Treasury or on behalf of other administrations or community structures (WAEMU, ECOWAS, AU);

  An economic mission related to the protection and promotion of local industries, in particular by:

        Implementing national and community trade policy through instruments such as the Common External Tariff of Customs and preferential duty regimes;

        Implementing fiscal instruments to protect national production;

        Modernizing and promoting economic customs procedures and regimes that encourage business development;

        Encouraging the expansion of international trade by removing obstacles and non-tariff barriers;

       Conducting a trade facilitation mission consisting, among other things, of simplifying customs clearance procedures, eliminating burdensome border practices, using scanners for non-intrusive controls, and promoting genuine recourse in the event of service abuse;

      Other missions include supporting other administrations, contributing to the protection of public health and safety, monitoring capital movements, and protecting the environment and cultural heritage.

The State Department of Customs is headed by a General Director appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers. The Managing Director of Customs is assisted by two (2) Deputy Directors appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers.




The State Department of Customs comprises one (01) General Inspection Office and nineteen (19) Central Departments which are:

    The Regulations and Litigation Department

    The Risk Analysis, Intelligence and Value Department

    The Human Resources Department

    The General Resources Department

    The Department of Communications, Quality and Partnerships with the Private Sector

    The Customs Investigations Department

    The Department of the Port Customs Services and Special Services

    The Airport Services Department

    The Economic Regimes Department

    The Information Systems Department

    The Statistics and Economic Studies Department

    The Central Customs Revenue Department

    The Training and Documentation Department

    Aboisso Regional Office

    Abengourou Regional Offic

    Bouaké Regional Office

    Korhogo Regional Office

    Man Regional Office

    San Pedro Regional Office


Abidjan-Plateau, place of the republic

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