Managing Director : Sie Abou OUATTARA

The State Department of Domestic Tax is responsible for:

  • Developing and applying tax and parafiscal legislation and regulations;
  • Preparing, negotiating and applying international tax conventions;
  • Carrying out tax assessment, liquidation and control operations on behalf of Central Government and decentralized territorial units ;
  • Collecting domestic tax and parafiscal revenues ;
  • Managing tax litigation ;
  • Ensuring the design, creation and management of the land register in urban and rural areas ;
  • Ensuring the conservation of land ownership and mortgages ;
  • Ensuring the financial management of the State domain and escheated property ;
  • Carrying out registration and stamp operations to promote tax compliance.

The State Department of Domestic Tax is headed by a Managing Director appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers,

The Managing Director is assisted by two Deputy Directors appointed by decree by the Council of Ministers.


The State Treasury Department includes:

    The State Tax Services Department

    The Legislation, Litigation and Documentation Department

    The Human Resources and Professional Training Department

    The Tax Planning, Studies and Statistics Department

    The Information Technology Department

    The Large Enterprises Department;

    The Medium-sized Enterprises Department

    The Office of Tax Analysis

    The Tax Authority Office

    The State Tax Audits Department

    The Investigation, Intelligence and Risk Analysis Department

    The Domain, Land Conservation, Registration and Stamp Department;

    The Land Registry Department;

    The Department of Communication, Quality and Promotion of Fiscal Citizenship;

    Department Related Services and External Services.


Abidjan Plateau, administrative city, tower E

Phone Number
+225 27 20 21 10 90

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