Moussa Sanogo urges the private sector to adopt "eFournisseur" and CELIOPE

Minister Moussa SANOGO presided over a campaign to popularize the "e-Fournisseur" portal and the Information Unit for Economic Operators (CELIOPE) on Tuesday May 16, 2023 at the Maison de L'entreprise in Plateau.  The aim was to introduce private-sector members of the General Confederation of Businesses in Côte d'Ivoire (CGECI) to these two powerful tools, designed to make financial administration more efficient and facilitate relations with the private sector, through access to information on public instructions and their operations.

Minister Moussa Sanogo, who was keen to take part in this meeting, urged economic operators to make massive use of these tools to carry out their activities and, ultimately, accelerate economic growth. The challenge is to achieve a significant improvement in the number of eFournisseur registrants and the CELIOPE’s visitor rate.  This is important, because accelerating the pace of economic activity means accelerating the pace of wealth creation.

Mr. Diaba Roger, speaking on behalf of the Director General of Budget and Finance, Seydou Traore, noted at the outset that despite "the efforts made to set up eFournisseur, this important tool, it is noticed that out of 4,200 purchase order holders in fiscal year 2022, only 177 suppliers have been registered." However, these economic operators who agree to work with the State and who often complain of inconveniences have a decisive role to play in the implementation of this application dedicated to them, which aims to improve the quality of relations between the administration and the private sector. It enables economic operators providing services to the State to track their invoices in real time. As for CELIOPE, it provides economic operators with reliable information on public contracts, in order to avoid the execution of contracts for which there is no budget line, and the creation of liabilities.

Minister Moussa Sanogo emphasized that CELIOPE and eSupplier, two tools that make life easier for economic operators, are designed to facilitate relations with the private sector and respond to its various concerns. "Accelerating the pace of economic activity means helping to accelerate the pace of wealth creation. Any economic operator residing in Côte d'Ivoire who still has difficulties in carrying out activities, particularly those related to the State, is a problem that can slow down wealth creation. The State itself will earn a little less through what it can earn in taxes or gate taxes", explained Moussa Sanogo.

On behalf of CGECI President Ahmed Cissé, the confederation's Executive Director, Aka Anghui Stéphane, hailed the initiative of the Ministry, which is sparing no effort to provide answers to the concerns of the private sector, in particular the issue of invoice payment times, which is a headache for economic operators. He praised Minister Moussa Sanogo's proactivity in reaching out to private sector players to present the opportunities offered by the two tools developed as part of the drive for greater transparency in public expenditure management.

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Moussa Sanogo urges the private sector to adopt "eFournisseur" and ...



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