National Excellence Award 2022 : The 2nd and 3rd ranked winners from the Ministry of Budget rewarded

As a follow-up to the National Day of Excellence 2022 edition, the 2nd and 3rd ranked laureates of the Ministry of Budget and State Owned Entities received their prizes on Thursday 16 March 2023, on the 20th floor of the SCIAM building in Plateau. Minister Moussa Sanogo congratulated and encouraged the six deserving agents whom he urged to remain models of self-sacrifice at work, rigour, probity and respect for the code of ethics and deontology. He also asked them to consider their distinction as an opening to new challenges that they have to face

For the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI), this is Miss Soro Sionon, auditor at the sub-direction of general audits of the Directorate of national tax audits, 2nd prize, and Mrs. Koki Gnangoran Monique épse Ettien, secretary at the sub-direction of management in charge of services of the Directorate General of large enterprises, 3rd prize. At the customs level, the second prize went to Lieutenant Colonel Ta Bi Senin Richard, head of the Vridi customs office, and the third prize to Lieutenant Coulibaly Domenin, head of the operations surveillance brigade. As for the Directorate General of Budget and Finance, Mrs. Kouassi Affoué Marguerite, Deputy Director of Budgetary Reforms, Budgetary Processing and Support to Administrative Services, was awarded 2nd prize and Ahibo Ahibo Christian Hervé, Deputy Director of the Administration of the Budgetary Execution System, 3rd prize. 

Beyond these laureates who are "a sample of these quality people" of which the department is full, Moussa Sanogo took the opportunity to congratulate all the staff for their hard work in the execution of their missions, before urging them, in a healthy emulation, to fully cultivate excellence, so as to optimize their contribution to the improvement of the performance of their respective structures and the achievement of the objectives of the ministry. "All reforms and innovations, however brilliant and innovative, will only be effective with agents fully committed to their professional duties and forged in the moulds of the virtues of work well done, integrity and sense of responsibility," the Minister insisted. He instructed the chief of staff, Soualiho Grambouté, focal point and chairman of the national jury of excellence for the ministry, to continue the reflection and make proposals so that some of the ministry's agents, particularly from the Directorate General of Public Procurement, the Directorate General of the State Portfolio, the Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs and even the cabinet are not "excluded" from the prestige of work well done. 

On behalf of the winners, Miss Soro Sionon expressed her gratitude to Minister Moussa Sanogo whose "love for work well done is a source of inspiration" for the agents. They made a commitment to work harder and continuously to contribute more effectively to the achievement of the objectives assigned to their respective administrations.

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