Public finance management: Minister MOUSSA SANOGO confirms the good health of the State's coffers

The Minister of Budget and State Owned Entities, Moussa Sanogo, was the guest on Tuesday 14 March 2023 of the programme ''RTI reçoit'', which focused on the theme: ''The State budget at the service of the citizen''.  The discussions were structured in three parts, namely the efficiency of public spending; the mobilisation of tax and customs revenue and the services offered to users-customers; and the contribution of public enterprises to economic development.

He took questions from journalists, viewers and internet users on all these areas, stressing that despite the "strong impact" of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the national economy, "the state coffers are doing well", with the physical transformation of Côte d'Ivoire, which reflects the quality of the economic policy implemented by the President of the Republic Alassane Ouattara. But the guest of the day informed of the challenges to be met. "The budget deficit has increased recently, especially because of the very strong hazards related to the Ukrainian crisis, the level of inflation, now at 5%, is relatively low compared to rates of 30% observed in neighboring countries," added the Minister of Budget. However, he added that Côte d'Ivoire has a moderate risk of over-indebtedness, estimated at a rate of 55%.

In the same vein, Minister Moussa Sanogo assured that the State is concerned about the purchasing power of citizens, which explains the subsidy of a number of products, to control prices or the measures taken to increase the minimum wage and increase allowances at the level of the civil service, not to mention the bonuses that have been granted.  In addition, Moussa Sanogo announced that the implementation of the programme-budget mode is satisfactory, having risen from 74% of the rate of execution of the objectives set at the end of 2022, the first year of implementation of the programme-budget, to a rate of 90% for the State budget for the year just ended (2022).  He took the opportunity to draw the attention of economic operators to the risk that uncovered expenditure, i.e. not provided for in the State budget, represents for them. To do this, he urged operators to use the digital tools at their disposal to avoid this kind of situation, particularly with CELIOPE which displays all the contracts covered by the budget, and the e-provider which allows the user to know at which level his file is.

Finally, concerning the management of the State's portfolio, Moussa Sanogo maintained that public companies are doing better. Responding to the question of audits, the latest wave of which has been in the news, the guest assured that they are commissioned to identify shortcomings and correct them, with cases of misappropriation being referred to the courts.



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