DGT’S YEARLY REVIEW SESSION: Revenue is up 356.3 billion CFA francs compared to 2021

The 2022 Performance Review Session of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) took place yesterday, on Monday, February 6th 2023, at the Heden Golf hotel in Abidjan-Cocody in the presence of the Director of the Minister of Budget and State-owned Entities’ Cabinet, Adama Sall. According to the Director General of Taxes, Ouattara Sie Abou, from an overall revenue target of 3,264.9 billion CFA francs assigned to his department for Year 2022, achievements recorded amount to 3,205.7 billion CFA francs, which represents a rate of achievement of 98.2%.

Compared to Year 2021 Gross Results which amounted to 2,849.3 billion CFA francs, he indicated the revenue is up 356.3 CFA francs, which represents a net growth rate of 12.5%. With these results, the Director General of Taxes motivated his team. For him, these results are the fruit of the efforts of all services involved and the support of its affiliate. "In view of the internal factors that have weakened our performance somewhat, we must, of course, continue our efforts to digitize our procedures, but also ensure that we can evolve seamlessly and serenely in a fully controlled and secure information system, He was pleased to note that the weakness in the yield of the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the tax on salary processing, and the lack of control over the management of arrears resulting from the transfer of taxpayers, have weakened the smooth functioning of tax collection at certain times.

Despite these difficulties, the Director General of taxes is confident that the revenue targets set for the DGT for 2023 will be met. To do so, many strategic means have been put in place that will enable the Department to improve its performance. For Adama Sall, the Director of the Minister of Budget and State-owned Entities’s Cabinet, this progress is still insufficient in view of the many development challenges that Côte d'Ivoire must take up for the well-being of its people. "The increase in tax revenue is an imperative for our country if we want to improve our macroeconomic indicators, including the rate of tax pressure, the poverty rate and more globally, the rate of economic growth," he said.

In the meantime, Mr. Sall invited the DGT to take strong measures that will significantly improve the level of tax revenue, or even the tax pressure rate which is currently below the community standard. The cabinet director asked the DGT’s officials to take advantage of this seminar to seek the causes of the non-attainment of the assigned objectives. "Both internal and exogenous factors must be reviewed, including the modeling analysis of the setting of annual targets and their distribution by service," he said. It should be noted that the revenue forecast for Year 2023 is 3,697.3 billion CFA francs. This is an increase of 491.6 billion CFA francs, or 15.3% compared to 2022 achievements.

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