Budget, Customs, Taxes, Public Procurement, State Owned Entities, General Administration: Programme managers commit to achieving targets in 2023

In accordance with the charter of management of programmes and allocations, in connection with the management in programme-budget mode, the heads of programmes of the Minister of Budget and State Entities signed this Wednesday, February 1, 20232, on the 11th floor of the SCIAM building, with Minister Moussa Sanogo, letters of commitment of performance for the year 2023. "The letters of commitment are written documents by which programme managers commit themselves to the Minister to carry out the activities of their programme with a view to achieving results verifiable by indicators and targets in accordance with the resources made available to them," said Ouattara Fétigué, head of the ministerial financial function. 

By this act, the heads of the Budget, Customs, Taxation, State Owned Entities, Public Procurement and General Administration programmes are therefore committed to carrying out all the projects on their roadmap, in order to enable the ministerial department to obtain a better rate of achievement of its activities in 2023. They expressed this through the voice of the Director General of Budget and Finance, Seydou Traoré, who welcomed the commitment of the Minister of Budget to the signing of this document, which is a real steering tool for achieving the objectives and results of the planned programmes.

"I approve the 21 specific objectives, the 31 indicators and their respective targets for which the programme managers commit themselves to the minister," said Moussa Sanogo.  He explained that the letters of commitment, which occupy a place of choice in the management of the programme-budget mode, are a modern tool for monitoring and evaluation and make it possible to meet the challenge of accountability and transparency. 

The Minister congratulated the programme managers for the results obtained in 2022 before urging them to take steps to maintain the momentum of the past few years in order to ensure the achievement of the overall objectives for 2023. In particular, the steering of the ministry's activities (cabinet), the increase in customs revenue (Customs), the mobilisation of the State's domestic tax resources (DGI), the strengthening of transparency and governance in budget management (DGBF), the effective management of the State's portfolio (DGPE) and the strengthening of transparency and governance in public procurement (DGMP).

To meet the challenge, programme managers will have to implement 25 actions financed to the tune of 252.48 billion CFA francs, in accordance with the Ministry's multi-year programme and annual performance project document (DPPD-PAP) annexed to the finance law on the State budget for the year 2023.

In their task, they can count on the Minister of Budget and State Owned Entities who reiterated his availability to accompany them in the conduct of their various missions. Moussa Sanogo recommended that they each sign operational commitment letters with the heads of programme operational budgets (RBOP), as required by the programme and allocation management charter. They should also ensure that the monitoring and evaluation system within the programmes is strengthened, in order to periodically report on the status of the indicators and facilitate corrective measures if necessary.


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