Ministry of Budget and State Owned Entities: Minister Moussa Sanogo defines the main projects for the year 2023

The presentation of New Year's wishes to the Minister of Budget and State Owned Entities, was made this Monday, January 30, 2023, on the 20th floor of the SCIAM building, in Plateau, during a ceremony that mobilized both members of the cabinet and those of the various departments. Minister Moussa Sanogo, who does not hide his satisfaction, sees in the will of all to work in a synergy of actions and in a family spirit to achieve the objectives of the ministry.  He expressed his gratitude to his collaborators for the good intentions expressed towards him and his family, before wishing them all health and success.   In addition, the Minister took the opportunity to review the activities carried out during the year 2022 and to outline the prospects in view of the challenges of the new year.

Moussa Sanogo indicated that the 2022 management was marked by a satisfactory balance sheet achieved thanks to major reforms that were carried out in connection with the various missions of the ministry and which contribute to the improvement of the quality of public finance management. In terms of revenue, the DGI mobilised CFAF 3205.7 billion in 2022 against CFAF 2849.3 billion in 2021, an increase of CFAF 356.4 billion. Customs revenue is estimated at CFAF 2157 billion, above the set targets. At the level of the management of public enterprises, a cumulative net result of 55 billion CFA francs was recorded in 2021 against 48 billion CFA francs in 2020. This enabled the State to receive, in terms of dividends, an amount of CFAF 34.04 billion for the year 2021, but paid in 2022.

Despite these satisfactory results, the minister drew the attention of his teams to the extent of the progress to be made in 2023, which should result in an increase in tax revenue of about CFAF 803 billion in 2023, with the State budget for the year 2023 amounting to CFAF 11,694.4 billion, an increase of 17% compared to 2022. He listed, by mission, the main projects for 2023, with a view to improving the collection of tax revenues and ensuring more rigorous management of public finances. In the budgetary area, the extension of SIGOBE to embassies and national public establishments (EPNs), the popularisation of the eProvider module and the strengthening of EPN performance are noted. As regards the management of public contracts, emphasis will be placed on the use of ICT in the management of files and the reduction of the use of derogatory procedures in favour of competitive procedures. In terms of managing the State's portfolio, Moussa Sanogo cited as important projects the establishment of a system for evaluating the boards of directors of public enterprises, the strengthening of the system for monitoring the debt of public enterprises, as well as the strengthening of thematic controls and audit missions, in order to improve the management of public enterprises.

At the level of the customs administration, efforts will focus on the review of the integrated IT system of the customs and the rehabilitation of the border offices. The tax administration will make it a point of honour to finalise the enlargement of the tax population, through the implementation of a dedicated solution, while the financial control directorate will strive to strengthen the dematerialisation of exchanges between external customs partners/users and the customs administration. 

In order to meet these challenges, Minister Moussa Sanogo called on the agents to continue their work with abnegation and team spirit. He assured them of his availability to remain attentive to all, to fight for the well-being of our fellow citizens.

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