Conference and mission management : More than 2 billion CFA francs saved over the last three years

The Ministry of the Budget and State Owned Entities organised the 2023 edition of the conference and mission review workshop on Friday 27 January 2023, at the Maison de l'entreprise, with the participation of all the focal points. The meeting was held around the theme "Implementation of the integrated management system for missions outside Côte d'Ivoire (SIGMISSION): Assessment and prospects.

The meeting focused at length on the inclusion of National Public Establishments (EPN) in the SIGMISSION application, which should be consolidated for optimal management of resources devoted to seminars, workshops, conferences and missions organised both in Côte d'Ivoire and outside the country.

At the opening of the workshop, the Director of Cabinet Adama Sall said that the objective of the meeting was to review several important issues in order to achieve a better control of the regulatory framework relating to conferences and missions. He affirmed that thanks to the resolutions which sanctioned the previous editions of the workshop, it "is approximately 2 billion CFA francs of economy which was carried out on the public resources allocated to the conferences and missions during the last three years". These resources thus passed from a total level of 6 billion CFA francs in 2019 to 4 billion CFA francs in 2022 thanks to recommendations which were formulated, likely to optimize the public expenditure. These recommendations include the search for more competitive airfares, the respect of the quantum of allowances by category of civil servants and state agents, the respect of the regulatory duration of missions, the size of the delegations' staff and the need to produce supporting document

Referring to the SIGMISSION platform, which was launched in June 2022, the cabinet director stressed that it was important to conduct a mid-term review in order to identify its performance, but especially the pitfalls encountered by actors in its use. To date, more than three quarters of ministerial departments have used the platform with varying degrees of success, but overall, Adama Sall noted, the dematerialisation of missions abroad has been a success.

Moreover, in recognition of the remarkable efforts made, the workshop decided to reward the parties that willingly accompanied the implementation of the project. Two institutions of the Republic received special awards, namely the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic and the General Secretariat of the Government. Four ministries received recognition awards, namely the Ministry of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and the Diaspora, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Mines, Oil and Energy, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and SME Promotion.

At the end of the meeting, the Director of Cabinet Adama Sall expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the work and the recommendations made, which constitute courses of action that the Ministry of Budget will have to draw on to strengthen the management framework of conferences and missions and improve the system of dematerialization of activities.

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