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The Directorate General of State Owned Entities (DGPE) will have, within 32 months, a new headquarters in the heart of the Plateau, on Avenue Terrasson de Fougère, on a site of 1062 square meters adjacent to the Ivotel hotel. The Minister of Budget and State Owned Entities, Moussa Sanogo proceeded on Friday, December 23, 2022, in Plateau, to the laying of the foundation stone of a building that will house the headquarters of this Directorate General. This modern building will have 8 floors with 4 levels of basement with all amenities.

He said on this occasion that to ensure effective supervision of public enterprises, it is necessary to have qualified resources, who can give the fullness of their talent only if the environment and working conditions are excellent. "Our administrations need to be in good conditions. It is important to have qualified people, but if they work in an environment that is not stimulating, the results may unfortunately be ambiguous. This is what we want to correct", said the Minister who did not hide his joy to launch the construction of the headquarters of the DGPE.

It was important, according to his explanations, to continue efforts to enable the DGPE, which has an important role in monitoring public enterprises, to further improve its performance. He noted that the monitoring of public enterprises is strengthened and that the financial results are improving, going from a deficit in 2016 to a result of 60 billion CFA francs. "We continue to strengthen the monitoring and thus improve the scope of action of public enterprises," added Moussa Sanogo, convinced that this new building will promote the performance of agents and, in turn, that of the DGPE.

The Minister explained that the purpose of monitoring state enterprises is to ensure that there is less dependence on public resources. They must be managed in a private mode and generate resources to cover their expenses. "This is what we are working on and it involves a gradual reduction in the subsidies granted and ensuring that these companies are able to take charge of themselves, without affecting the effectiveness of their action," he explained.

The Director General of the State Owned Entities, Bamba Seydou, praised the quality of the management of Minister Moussa Sanogo who cares about the working conditions of the teams. The laying of the foundation stone of the headquarters of the DGPE is, according to him, the symbol of the consolidation of the vision of the Minister in terms of management of the State Owned Entities. He listed some of the actions undertaken that have contributed to significantly improve the overall performance of the State Owned Entities, namely :

  • -        the implementation of performance contracts ;
  • -        the strengthening of the governance of public enterprises ;
  • -        the development of five-year strategies for the management of the State Owned Entities ;
  • -        the introduction of a governance award.

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