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Review of the 2023 Budget Law: Senators unanimously approve the allocation of funds to the Ministry of Budget

Initiated on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the review of the draft Budget Law for Year 2023 continues with the presentation of the Ministers before the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee (EFAC) of the Senate by major missions, in accordance with the requirements of the method of management by budget-programs.

In this context, the Minister of Budget and State-owned Entities, Moussa Sanogo, made was before the Senators on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, following the example of his colleagues of Planning and Development, as well as Economy and Finance.

At the end of the discussion, the budgetary allocations of funds to the Ministry of Budget and State-owned Entities were unanimously adopted by EFAC Senators. 

In his presentation, it emerged that the overall budget of his ministerial department amounts to 392.83 billion CFA francs, but the share that is exclusively for the ministry is 158.4 billion CFA francs, or 40% of the total budget of the ministry and 1.4% of the overall budget of the State, the rest being common expenses managed by the Ministry of Budget.

An amount of 140.37 billion CFA francs is included in this budget for special accounts and another 94.06 billion CFA francs for common expenses. 57.1% of this budget is allocated to the General Administration program, 18.9% to the Budget Program, 10.7% to the Customs Program, 8.1% to the Taxes Program, 3.3% to the State Portfolio and 1.8% to the Public Procurement Program. Personnel expenditures account for a large share, 47.3% of resources, while 24% is allocated to investments, 28.1% to purchases of goods and services and 0.5% to transfers.

Minister Moussa Sanogo indicated that these budgetary allocations will enable the Ministry under his responsibility to carry out its assigned missions. He outlined the main projects of the 2023 management of the Ministry which are, among others, the review of the Customs integrated computer system and the border offices upgrade for the Customs Program; Increase of the taxable population and streamlining of tax systems for taxes; spreading of the SIGOBE eProvider module for the budget; reduction of the use of exceptional procedures in favor of competitive procedures, etc. "Modernizing customs and taxes means strengthening modern tools for monitoring the territory but also for managing taxpayers. The process will continue. The video surveillance that we already have on our "East" facade will be deployed on the "North" facade and eventually also on the "West" facade," said Minister Moussa Sanogo, who gave past year satisfactory results. 

He indicated that during 2021 Fiscal Year marked by an economic growth of 7.4%, an increase of 439 billion CFA francs was recorded in tax revenues. The budget deficit was 5.1% of GDP compared to 5.6% in 2020, a reduction of 0.5 percentage points. The Ministry's Strategic Action Program shows 87.7% for a target of 80%, i.e. 5.5 points above the target.

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